Amazon, Please Fix These Kindle Fire HDX Issues

Seriously, please fix the volume buttons responsiveness – so frustrating to click or hold down the buttons and not see the on-screen volume display move until after the volume is done being set. #fail


Please re-enable audio equalizer apps on the HDX. The first-gen Kindle could use them, so why not the HDX? While I agree that the built-in Dolby speakers normally sound wonderful, sometimes listening through headphones to music or video with audio with varying degrees of quality leaves something to be desired… this could be fixed with equalizer apps.


Please add a self-timer mode to the built-in camera. Seems like a huge oversight…


The included rubber USB charger cable is, umm… rubber.  #weird – makes it clingy to itself, which leads to tangles.  Please use a regular cable material.


And why won’t some apps update?  I’ve got 2 sitting in the queue which refuse to update: Facebook and SoundCloud.  What’s the deal with those?  (Everything else seemingly gets automatically updated often.)


Also, please make the video library bulletproof so that it can never get out of sync with which movies and TV episodes are actually downloaded to the device. Currently, I’ve got a few that I deleted, but they still display in the library. #weird. EDIT: this only happens with an Internet connection. As soon as I went offline, this problem disappeared and I was able to remove them from the library. Which brings up another issue…




Please fix the annoying offline downloaded episode playback issue. If I’ve already downloaded it, why do I need a connection to sync it with whatever? #annoying